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Chancel liability relates to old laws concerning who pays for the upkeep of local churches. Without proper checks, purchasers today can suddenly find themselves responsible for maintaining the local church and being billed for repairs. We would always advise that our clients carry out Chancel checks to protect their customers from inheriting liability to pay for ‘Chancel Repairs’.

For some homeowners, if chancel repair liability applies to the property, the likelihood of receiving a bill from the local church are relatively small. However, some unaware homebuyers could be billed for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Despite rules around chancel repair liability changing after 2013, it remains a complicated area of law and it is still possible for purchasers to find themselves facing a large financial obligation.

We offer Chancel Liability searches to ascertain any risk, and also offer various insurance policies to protect your customers from future fees and bills.  

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