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To ensure your customers are adequately advised and protected, we provide a wide variety of environmental reports to support the commercial property and real estate markets. All our reports provide a comprehensive contaminated land risk assessment, as defined under Part 2A of the Environment Protection Act 1990. The reports also include a flood screen and identify any energy & infrastructure projects (such as fracking & HS2). Key features we cover include:

  • Assessment of the potential for contaminated land liabilities under Part 2A of the EPA 1990

  • Full range of key environmental datasets including the UK’s most comprehensive landfill data

  • Flood risk screening to highlight the need for a more detailed report

  • Energy & Infrastructure projects screen to highlight the need for a more detailed report and designed for any party involved in the commercial property transaction, such as the Lawyer, Surveyor, Property Owner, Property Purchaser, Lender or Insurer.


These reports are invaluable for providing detailed information within the locality of the property or land being purchased. Local searches do not fully cover against risk from commercial planning due to being too boundary specific. If you want your customers to know what is going on or being considered planning-wise in the locality, these reports provide enhanced protection and unrivalled data accuracy. The unique polygon data provides an accurate representation of a development’s potential impact for easy analysis and communication.

The reports include:

  • Residential & Non-Residential Planning Applications

  • Local Plans

  • Land Use Designations

  • Rights of Way

  • Housing and Demographics

  • Education

  • Amenities

  • 7 year planning history


Detailed yet clearly laid out, our reports provide simple guidance and are easy to interpret by property professionals.

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