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Mining, whether historical, current or planned, is a potential risk to both property and health, and a risk we take seriously. As such we provide a wide-ranging selection of searches so your customers can have full trust that their purchases are free of risk.

Subsidence and structural movement can be caused by any number of factors but can cause huge issues for properties. The UK has a significant mining heritage and mining searches are strongly advised. We obtain our reports from specialist external suppliers and these reports include:

Coal Mining

When buying a property in a coal mining area, it is recommended that you obtain a coal mining report which provides information on opencast and deep mining activities, past and present.

The Coal Authority holds and maintains the National Coal Mining Database which can confirm whether any property in England, Wales and Scotland has been affected by any coal mining-related issue. Since October 2006, coal mining searches in England and Wales have also included information about Cheshire brine subsidence claims.

Tin Mining

Tin Mining has been a main industry in the past in Cornwall and West Devon. We recommend that any prospective purchaser within these areas carry out a Tin Mining Search. The search will provide an historical picture of the presence of disused workings, which in turn could cause subsidence.


Limestone Mining was common in the West Midlands until the 1930’s. We would recommend our clients purchase a Limestone Mining Report to establish whether the property is likely to be affected by any subsidence.

China Clay

China Clay Mining has historically been concentrated in and around Cornwall, Dorset and Devon. Over the years this has steadily declined and the main areas that have continued China Clay Mining are areas around St. Austell and Dartmoor. We recommend any prospective purchaser buying a property in these areas should carry out a China Clay Mining search to determine whether the property is likely to be affected by clay deposits, whether these areas are likely to be worked in future or if past workings pose a threat of subsidence.

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