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Environmental Reports

Homebuyers require the best possible information about environmental risks when deciding on property and land purchases. We help you to protect your customers and their purchases by offering a full suite of environmental reports, including details on flood risks and ground stability to ensure purchasers have a complete picture.

All reports are available within a matter of hours of a request being placed, and we can supply comprehensive data on multiple key elements including:

  • potentially contaminated land

  • compliance with Law Society practice notes

  • brownfield risk

  • active and historical landfill

  • waste sites and current industrial sites.

Planning reports

Planning reports are critical to protecting your customers from potential risks that may result in any future loss of value, and to ensure they are not faced with surprises that could affect enjoyment of the land or property purchased.

Planning reports provide vital information on large developments within the last 10 years, data on Air Quality Management Areas and modelled data, neighbourhood information and planning constraints such as Listed Buildings and Building Conservation Areas.

Planning applications fall under 3 categories:

Mega urban areas – 250m2 for large projects, 75m2 for small projects and 50m for house extensions
Urban areas – 500m 2for large projects, 125m2 for small projects and 50m2 for house extensions
Rural areas – 750m2 for large projects, 500m2 for small projects and 250m2 for house extension

All reports are concise, easy to understand and navigate, and provide useful points of reference if further support is required.

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